Monday, October 31, 2005

Watch out for this damn movie, "Jarhead".

Please be aware if you go see this movie, Jarhead. In fact instead of wasting $30 on seeing this movie, maybe save it for a soldiers care package. This movie is nothing, but one man's guilt over killing another human being in a time of war. Along with the moral debate over killing, they also follow the liberal playbook and portray the Marines as mentally disturbed. I have to tell you that I was at the airport the other day and read the last 20 pages of this book. I believe in free speech, but it seems Swofford and his Hollywood buddies don't feel the same way. Just like this idiot Riekoff with Operation Truth your opinion really doesn't count unless you've been in combat. Because I didn't make the life choices that they did I some sort of "chickenhawk". It just shows how shallow their arguments are when it comes to war. Throughout history really crappy things have happened, but if we followed their line of logic (illogic) Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt were big "chickenhawks". Between the both of them a million Americans died in combat. Another 2 million were injured. Families were dislocated and changed forever. But one could not argue with the result. When men made of lesser stuff would've settled for less, who knows how much darker this world would have been if they've faltered? That is why it was so important that we kicked Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. If Clinton was President at the time Kuwait was invaded nothing would've happened. Saddam would've been a nuclear power and had the free world under his thumb. The movie basically comes down to Swofford's opinion that nobody is worth killing in war. It's because of this flawed opinion that I believe that killing is necessary when it comes to protecting this country. They don't want to debate. Only just to silence and shame. Spend your hard earned money on something else.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Reaching out to an Iraqi!!

This is a letter I sent to "Sooni" an Iraqi that has a blog.Dear Sooni,

Hello from Vallejo, Ca. It's about 30miles northeast of San Francisco. I found your blog through American Soldier. I have my own blog also at
Take a look when you get a chance. I think you'll get an understanding of my political point of view. The reason I write you today because I need to know, "Is there light at the end of the tunnel?" I live in the Land of the loonies. Every other week it seems I debate some other liberal who has this blind "hatred" of President Bush. Any good news from Iraq is discounted and they feign phony concern when an American soldier dies. When the 2000th American soldier was killed in Iraq I thought the liberals were going to stand up and cheer. Hoping that the American public is going to agree with them and have our soldiers run with their tales between their legs. Personally I think the Liberals today are the knew racists similar to the Ku Klux Klan.
It frightens me to think what would have happened if they were prevalent in World War II. Michael Moore would've probably made a movie blaming Roosevelt for the attack on Pearl Harbor. In fact he would of said that Roosevelt knew about the sneak attack and let it happen. You see Sooni my father was kid growing up in the Philippines. He saw first hand the brutality the Imperial Japanese inflicted on the Filipinos. My wife's Grandfather was a Filipino American soldier. He was Bataan Death March survivor. American and Filipino soldiers were forced to march 100km in the searing sun. They weren't given any food or water. To make matters worse he had malaria. The Japanese guards were ordered to get the prisoners to Camp O'donnell the quickest way possible. The POW's weren't allowed to break out of formation. If the sick fell behind they were beheaded. If they tried to get water from a stream they were beheaded. The prisoners when allowed to rest were forced to piss and shit wherever they were squatting. The civilian Filipinos along the way were not immune the Japanese evil and brutality. If they tried to give food or water they were bayoneted. Roosevelt and General Marshall wrote the Philippines off. They didn't even think it was worth liberating. You see militarily it would've been smarter just to blockade and bomb Japan into submission. If it wasn't for General MacArthur keeping his promise to return who knows what other horrors the Filipinos would've had to endure.
The Americans came and liberated the Philippines. The GI's showed great kindness and helped the Filipinos rebuild. It was because of this kindness that my father wanted to join the US Army. He wanted to repay America for liberating his country. For 24 years he was in the Army and retired a Master sergeant. He fought in Korea and did two extended tours in Vietnam from '64 to '68. While he was in Vietnam he served as an interpreter and advisor to several South Vietnamese Ranger Battalions. The Vietnamese were drawn to him and he believed that they deserved a chance to live in freedom. It was why he stayed so long. There were several things that irritated him though. The South Vietnamese had good fighters, but shitty leaders. It seems the French taught the women to look sexy, but didn't bother to grow any strong leaders. Problem 1. Next the Johnson and Nixon administrations didn't fight it in a manner to defeat the Communist. Problem 2. Finally the peaceniks and liberals didn't believe one American life was worth saving the Vietnamese. Oh they say they cared for the Vietnamese, but it was because of them undermining the war effort that it went on so long. Problem 3. After the fall of Saigon the slaughter truly began in southeast Asia. Cambodia had a killing field of 2million. Laos lost 1million. Vietnam lost a 1million plus another 2million displaced refugees. Not a peep from the freakin liberals. They didn't give a shit. Not one protest against the Communist for the slaughter they unleashed. It's the same people that want us out of Iraq. They could give a rats ass if Iraq turns into another killing field. They don't want to lift a finger to help your country.
As for me I support the mission and especially the troops. It is amazing to me that until Iraq voted for this new constitution that Israel was the only democracy in the Middle East. I think your country is worth the effort. The cradle of civilization shouldn't be a third world country. It should be a full fledge democracy and allowed to flourish and thrive. My father told me never to forget the blood the Americans had to shed to liberate the Philippines. 27,000 Americans died keeping us free, another 100,000 were wounded, many of them seriously. Some were volunteers, most were draftees I doubt they wanted to be away from there families and die in a foreign land. I'm truly grateful for their service and sacrifice. It is why today that I've adopted 25 soldiers in Iraq. I send them letters of support and care packages. A lot of them are on their second tour. The majority want to see your country stand on it's own. It's because of my shame that I didn't join the Army when I had the chance to, that I'm going to learn Arabic. I'm too old for the Army now, but they are in desperate need of translators. I'm trying my darndest to get over to Iraq so I can help and make a difference. It wouldn't be easy for me. I'm married and have four kids. But what kind of father would I be to my sons if I didn't try to make the world a better place. I think the world would be a better place if Iraq was a democracy.
Sooni, what do I tell the liberals that say we should leave? Do the majority of Iraqis hate the Americans and want them out? Are they even aware or grateful of the sacrifices that the soldiers and their families have to endure. You are the first Iraqi that I've written and tried to reach out to. Please tell me what you think and feel. It would be good to hear from you. May God bless and protect you.

A proud American,
Peter M
Vallejo, California

Monday, October 24, 2005

It's business as usual with the Bush "Haters".

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog. The last month has been crazy. I had an inventory at my work and after that Christel and I went on vacation. It was a long time coming, but Christel and I had Soldier Angels withdrawals. Don't get me wrong we had fun on our vacation, but those brave soldiers were not far from our minds and hearts. Well we've been back for about a week and took an inventory on how many "heroes" we've adopted. It turns out we have 24 fine people. They range from different parts of the US, plus different ages to marital status. They just want to feel supported. Let me say that it truly demoralizes them when they hear the bullshit line "We support the troops, but we don't support he mission.". As if the troops would do the "devils" bidding.
I'd like to congratulate the Soldiers on doing another great job in Afghanistan and Iraq. Since I've last written they had two successful elections in both countries. For the majority of these people it's the first time that they were able to vote in a fair and free election. Something that many people in this country take for granted. To them I salute and congratulate them on taking charge of their future. I pray that they also remember the sacrifices that our brave soldiers endure. Without these great soldiers the worlds would truly be a dark place.