Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Bush Bashing is truly turning sick.

I don't know what these poor souls will do once President Bush is no longer in office. While I truly disagreed with many of President Clinton's policies my opposition was not motivated with "hate". My morning didn't start out with "How can I hurt Clinton today?" Hell, I wanted us to win Kosovo. I didn't give a crap that it would be a political triumph for Clinton. Oh by the way you liberals, Clinton promised the troops to be home by Christmas. Which still hasn't happened, with no foreseeable pull out in sight. Sydney Blumenthal (Clinton sycophant) doesn't mention the money we've used occupying Kosovo, could've been used to upgrade the levees. But the fact is that the Federal government has ballooned into a unwieldy monster. From the bureaucrat, to the labor unions all entrenching themselves at the trough of federal spending. Expecting only the Military to endure true cuts in spending. The disaster that Katrina has left behind has only reinforced the fact that YOU AND YOUR FAMILY are on your own till the government can get back on its feet. But just like typical Democrats they expect the Federal government to immediately ride on its "white horse" (Sorry Kanye, Rev Jesse and all Bush haters) and save the day. Bullsh!t !!!!! For decades state politicians and mayors have handed over this 800lbs gorilla to the next. Here is dirty little secret that few people know, New Orleans was always in danger of flooding with just a slight "heavy rain". The pumps that kept New Orleans dry could barely keep up with the demand. Yet for all these years it was ok with them. Louisiana and New Orleans have made billions on the oil industry and Mardi Grais, but it wasn't their "fault" when this Category 5 storm hit. It all of sudden falls on the feet of George W. Bush. One thing that could've easily alleviated the suffering and death these poor people had to endure was that the 2200 buses "strategically" parked next to the Superdome are now underwater and useless. From the moment that they knew that New Orleans was going to be hit they could've evacuated a great many people. But for whatever stupid reason the liberal media doesn't seem to want to ask this "brave" mayor or governor this question?

Friday, September 02, 2005

How come the ACLU and anarachists aren't in New Orleans?

Watching New Orleans crumble into lawlessness is truly sad. It makes me glad to know that I purchased my shotgun. In a disaster on biblical proportions it's obvious the government can't protect you or your property. The San Francisco Bay area is going to have a catastrophic earthquake, not "if" but when. My wife Christel and I decided to upgrade all our provisions in case an earthquake does hit. I'd suggest you do the same. Ya never know. Here's some suggestions to my looney neighbors. To you "anarchists" why not rush into New Orleans. It's gotta be your dream situation. No law, no government and no rules. But I doubt these phony, misguided, idiots wouldn't even want to be near New Orleans. It would be all bad "no Starbucks and can't watch Jackass" on MTV forget that sh^t. Next, forget the National Guard. Send in an army of ACLU lawyers. Maybe they can go around and ask the victims if they thought they were victimized by President Bush's Global Warming policies? They could also go around and put signs in front of good liberals houses that are still standing. Signs like "This house protected by love and good intentions." or "A gun has never fed a hungry child." I wonder if these misunderstood looters would pass them over because of their big hearts?